MouseHunt AutoBot Enhanced Edition

MH AutoBot Enhanced Edition

MH AutoBot Enhanced Edition


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This is an enhanced version of the script written by Ooiks.
The core of this script (e.g. auto sound horn, auto refresh trap check) is written by him.
I have enhanced it in such a way that the script works based on selected algorithm of event or location.

Enhanced Features:

  • None – normal hunting without any algorithm.
  • Burroughs Rift (Red) – give hunter remain in Red Zone by toggling the Mist button in order to maximize hunt by using a providing mist canisters. Mist canister charged in 19 -> 20 -> 19 -> 20 -> 19 -> …
  • Burroughs Rift (Green) – hunter remain in Green Zone. Mist canister charged in 6 -> 18 -> 6 ->18 -> …
  • Sunken City – auto arm EAC while diving at Treasure Zone, Special Zone & Monster Trench
  • All LG Area – auto arm Blue / Red / Yellow Sponge charm in LG/TG, auto arm Searcher / Bravery / Shine / Clarity charm in LC / CC, auto arm Grubling Chow / Super Salt / Salt / Grub Scent charm in SD / SC.
  • Halloween(2014) – swap cheese when reached area limit.

Additional features are under development at the moment such as FW, ZT, etc.

This script is tested under Chrome 37. It may not work at Firefox.

***PRECAUTION: Use this script at your own risk as this is against the rule of Mousehunt.


Download Link
1. Dropbox –

2. Greasyfork –

3. OpenUserJS –

4. Original Script by Ooiks –


 How to use this script in Chrome?

1. Install through Tampermonkey Extension – Guide from Ooiks

2. Download the *.js file then drag & drop into chrome://extensions/


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